Light Haulage:
12 hr or Overnight

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sprinter van

12 hr Express Service to Scotland

We are offering a service that we think is fairly unique, this is primarily to meet mission Critical Deadlines, rush loads Etc. heading too or in a Scotland direction. We have the ability to deliver up to 1Ton anywhere on the U.K. mainland with this in mind our aim is a 12 hour person to person delivery window door to door from the time of collection, this is subject to (T&C). Our aim is to have the goods delivered even north of the border in 12 hours. Our express service is almost always shipped over night when traffic and other hold ups are rare so we can have your delivery there by start of business or 12hrs after collection. Where possible almost all travelling is done over night whether it's to lands end or John o' Groats. How our service works is, we'll come and collect at a prearranged time and then our aim is to deliver your goods in 12 hr or less.
We don't farm out or sell your load on to the lowest bidder load it out to other carriers. Your driver will collect it and deliver it.
All deliveries are subject to clause 19
RHA T & Cs
DELIVERING FOR YOU: ......            ....
Because this is an express service we only allow 15 minutes for sitting in any delivery queue, after that we might make a small charge depending on time spent in the queue we still have a deadline to meet.
All Deliveries come with a minimum charge. WE CAN ALSO DO ANY COLLECTIONS FOR YOU ON THE RETURN JOURNEY IF NECESSARY.  A few Items we don't carry under any cercumstances (T & C)