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Same day service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [ Thinks we DO NOT CARRY ]
A: [ We do not carry ILLEGAL ITEMS:- GUNS, DRUGS, etc. or  CHEMICALS HAZARDOUS OR NOT, WET OR LEAKING ITEMS, ALL FORMS GLASS, GAS BOTTLES, LOOSE ITEMS,e.g. DIRT, SAND, GRAVEL, anything not suitably packed will be refused, We reserve the right to refuse to any load ]

Q: [ Do we deliver to places like Scoland ]
A: [ yes we do, usually before 8 AM U.K. Mainland only at this time]

Q: [ Can we deliver over night ]
A: [ Yes we can deliver over night so long as we can pick up the item's in good time the previous day we can have it there before 6 AM if necessary or by start of business 8 AM its your delivery]

Q: [ How many items can we transport at a time ]  A: [ In our Sprinters we can take up to 1 ton. but if you have more than that we can put on up to seven and half tons but the price will reflect this ]

Q:[ Can we deliver to several different places ]
A: [ Yes we can deliver to several different places as in a multi-drop service but only with a van, this option is not available for loads over 1 ton ]

Q: [ Do we deliver outside the U.K. mainland ]
A: [ A simple answer is No not at this time sorry ]

Q: [ Payments, do we offer Accounts ]
A: [ NO all terms are either C.O.D or a maximum of 7 days, we accept cash, cheques, or B.A.C.S payments this is depending on if it's just a one off or you're a more regular client ]

Q: [ Do we deliver other peoples goods ]
A: [ No we only deliver your goods. We are contracted by you the customer and will only deliver your items on a trip ]

Q: [ Can we Collect we deliver or Deliver and collect ]
A: [ yes we can do, both either way round to the U.K. Mainland at this time]

Q: [ Any further Question you may have ]
A: [ Click here:- Please send us an Email: ]